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Date sent: 2021/06/02 13:51:12
The printing approach to fake strong tobacco is bad, and any "lotus" font does not have concave together with convex cellular layers, which is actually different within the printing approach to real strong tobacco.

Small compartment side fractionated laser anti-counterfeiting systems difference compare: genuine minor box fractionated laser anti-counterfeiting systems for great diamond place small wedding, accurate the positioning of and bronzing; Pretend cigarettes take advantage of high-speed picture taking scanning systems, the fractionated laser anti-counterfeiting technology can't be accurately installed, and one can find obvious differences when using the real products and services.

Comparison within the difference somewhere Cheap Cigarettes Sale between tobacco stands and loading paper together with cut strong tobacco: the "lotus" pattern over the genuine strong tobacco sticks together with packing documents adopts water-based tattoo of nutrition standard, and also cut strong tobacco is equally cut together with golden during color, while any Marlboro Cigarettes Online fake strong tobacco sticks together with packing paper is made from ordinary tattoo, and any cut strong tobacco contains a multitude of sticks together with uneven during cutting, which happens Newport 100s Wholesale Cigarettes to be obviously distinct from the characteristics within the genuine strong tobacco.

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