WoW shadowlands Patch 9.1 a simple Reconnect button

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Date sent: 2021/06/09 14:29:41
A new version of the update has been installed on the PTR of Patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion. The update brings a lot of small balance changes but also a fresh feature that makes you wonder why it's only coming now. But better late than never, there is now a simple "Reconnect" button when you are kicked out of the game.

Reconnect button makes disconnects more pleasant: If you experience a disconnect in World of Warcraft in the future - for whatever reason - you will be thrown back to the start screen as before. In Patch 9.1, however, there is a large "Reconnect" button waiting for you, which lets you log back into the game with one click.

What's the point? Basically one thing: a time saver. Because after a disconnect, reconnecting in World of Warcraft can take a bit of time. You not only have to manually re-enter the password, but in case of doubt you also have to confirm the access with the authenticator (e.g. on the smartphone). Often it just doesn't work.

Many players report that they always have to close the client completely and reopen it via the app in order to get back into the game at all.

After all, especially during a hectic dungeon visit in the "Mythic +" area, these seconds can definitely decide whether you end the run successfully or unsuccessfully.

Particularly useful for streamers: All streamers and live content creators should benefit from the “Reconnect” button. Because they often had the problem that in the event of a disconnect, the WoW start screen was displayed and their email address was publicly visible.

A small but fine change - but it was about time after 17 years, wasn't it?

By the way,the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic has been released for a week.

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