Talk to an elve who is attempting to buff up to impress

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Treadmill- Talk to RS gold an elve who is attempting to buff up to impress an elve girl. He will ask you to get him a weight-lifting seat in return. He will inform you how to make it. Here's the litems to get. They'll be relativley easy to get, as they'll be close by with other items. They will be- 5 candy cane sticks, 2 large decorations, along with a candy cane sheet. After collecting all those, he'll place them together into a strength training bench and give you the treadmill.

Reindeer- To get the reindeer, visit the back of Santa's workshop and then talk to the elve standing in the reindeer's pen gate. When speaking to him, input the pen and find a claw and pencil much like the Evil Twin random.

Return to Santa and observe a short vide in which he give you the reward, then begins shooting the gifts. Benefits - A Candy Cane Sword* OR Mistletoe Headband OR Christmas Ring that turns into a Present* OR Santa trimmed boots,gloves and robes. Any hints will be appreciated! Taken from additional Sal's Topics. Not my ideas.

Its a lengthy pursuit, but be patient, I think its quite good. The pursuit begins close to the fishing things north of seers village (in between them there are a home, with garden incl. Strange flowers (non-pickable) and examine subjects). Requirements: The ability to defeat a level 75 enemy, 33 cooking, 45 mining, 45 woodcutting, 35 thieving. Ingredients cheap OSRS gold such as a chocolate saturday, a pickaxe, an axe.

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