Greetings, everyone.

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Date sent: 2019/09/18 21:49:24
Greetings, everyone.
New member here from the east bay. Been fishing (freshwater and salt) my whole life and starting ab diving and spearfishing 3-4 years
ago. Spent the last 10 years in San Francisco, and with the move East (and a garage) I got the approval from the Minister of Finance (my wife) to finally purchase a yak, something I've been talking about for years. With a one-year old at home hall passes aren't as readily available as they used to be, but nevertheless I'm excited to join here and become a member of the local kayak community. Expect that I'll be mostly fishing/diving on the Mendocino and Sonoma coasts with the occasional trip to Monterey, but excited to explore.
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